We support innovation

The BC Society of Rheumatologists has been focusing on two major areas of interest recently; patient access to rheumatology care in the Province and enhanced support for community rheumatologist practices through nursing services and office efficiency.

2018 Telehealth Project

The BC Society of Rheumatologists has partnered with Medeo through a special projects grant from Abbvie Canada to provide telehealth capabilities to 19 BC rheumatologists.

The virtual care software, Medeo, is web-based and can be used by any patient with an internet connection on any device (computer, smartphone or tablet).

The goal of this partnership is to improve access to care to all patients, especially those with disabilities or who live remotely.

The following rheumatologists are involved in this telehealth pilot project.  If you are a patient of one of these physicians, and are interested in this option, please contact your rheumatologist directly.

Dr. Neda Amiri

Dr. Jon Chan

Dr. David Collins

Dr. Anne Marie Colwill

Dr. Natasha Deghan

Dr. Navjot Dhindsa

Dr. John Esdaile

Dr. Cathy Flanagan

Dr. Iman Hemmati

Dr. Simon Huang

Dr. Shahin Jamal

Dr. Jason Kur

Dr. Alison Kydd

Dr. Brent Ohata

Dr. Michael Ramsden

Dr. Graham Reid

Dr. Kam Shojania

2018 Wait Times Project

In an effort to improve access to rheumatologic care, the BC Society of Rheumatologists has surveyed its members to identify those physicians who may have shorter wait times for routine rheumatologic referrals.

The following members have been identified as having wait times typically less than three months for routine referrals.

In additional, all rheumatologists prioritize referrals for inflammatory disease (rheumatoid arthritis).

LOCATION                                                                           REFERRAL FAX NUMBER


Dr. Carson Chin                                                                        604-566-0079

Dr. Angela How                                                                        604-433-1803

Dr. Rolfe Luongo                                                                      604-431-8841

Dr. Brent Ohata                                                                        604-453-0329


Dr. E. Markus Klaus                                                                 604-392-9911


Dr. Evelyn Kwok                                                                       250-762-3980


Dr. Michael Ramsden                                                              604-526-2279

Dr. Mitchell Uh                                                                          604-553-0954


Dr. Neda Amiri                                                                          604-770-4054

Dr. Shannon Galway                                                                 604- 984-7672

Dr. Iman Hemmati                                                                    604-983-8123


Dr. Greg Marcotte                                                                     250-562-5995


Dr. J. Antonio Avina-Zubieta                                                604-207-4057

Dr. John Esdaile                                                                        604-207-4058

Dr. James Yeung                                                                        604-285-8765


Dr. Shagha Khayambashi                                                       778-574-1414

Dr. Navjot Dhindsa                                                                   604-688-6688


Dr. Kenneth Blocka                                                                   604-669-7157

Dr. Mollie Carruthers                                                                604-876-1716

Dr. Jonathan Chan                                                                   604-872-1158

Dr. David Collins                                                                       604-875-8270

Dr. Natasha Dehghan                                                              604-428-4555

Dr. Iman Hemmati                                                                    604-738-1587

Dr. Shahin Jamal                                                                      604-875-5992

Dr. Alice Klinkhoff                                                                    604-871-4501

Dr. Graham Reid                                                                        604-875-1670

Dr. Max Sun                                                                                604-872-1158

Dr. Alfonso Verdejo                                                                  604-688-6714

Artus Health Centre Rapid Access Clinic                           604-875-0890


Dr. Milton Baker                                                                        250-721-4730

Dr. Satish Rachapalli                                                               250-598-7138

Dr. David Shaw                                                                          250-940-1670

Dr. John Watterson                                                                  250-940-1667

New Projects in Rheumatology

Since 2011, there have been significant advances in the delivery of outpatient rheumatology. The incorporation of rheumatology nursing is rapidly becoming a mainstay of clinical practice. The Society has been working with rheumatologists in BC to assist the implementation of nursing multidisciplinary care. These developments serve to increase the ability of rheumatologists to see inflammatory patients appropriately and augment the care currently offered to individuals with chronic autoimmune diseases.

Enhanced Communication

The Society continues to place a greater focus on membership engagement. Office practice sessions for rheumatologists and their staff, focusing on improved efficiencies in rheumatology, have taken place in Vancouver, Kelowna and Victoria.