Join the Society

Membership in the BC Society of Rheumatologists is available on an annual basis though the physician renewal process of the BC Medical Association.

To inquire further about joining the BCSR, please email our admin team at:

Membership Categories

  • REGULAR – a physician in good standing with the BC Medical Association with qualifications in rheumatology
  • RESIDENT PHYSICIAN – a graduate physician in fellowship training at the University of British Columbia (free membership)
  • RETIRED – a former BCSR regular member who is no longer practicing medicine (free membership)
  • REDUCED (net income under $50,000) – (50% of regular fee)

Awards Recognition

The Society recognizes the recent achievements of the following members:

Dr. Jason Kur
2019 Award for Advocacy- UBC Division of Rheumatology

Dr. Ken Blocka
2019 Award for TeachingUBC Division of Rheumatology Award

Dr. Antonio Avina-Zubieta
2019 Award for Innovation- UBC Division of Rheumatology Award

Dr. Jason Kur
Canadian Rheumatology Association 2019 Practice Reflection Gold Award
Dr. Kur won the CRA Practice reflection award for the work on a provincial, standardized immunosuppressant tool implements since 2011.

Dr. John Watterson
President, Northwest Rheumatism Society 2019

Dr. Diane Lacaille
Appointed as Deputy Scientific Director Arthritis Research Canada 2019
CRA Distinguished Investigator Award 2019

Dr. Shahin Jamal
UBC Rheumatology Program Director 2018

Dr. Mollie Carruthers
UBC Neurology Research Mentor Award 2017 and 2018

Dr. Natasha Dehghan
2018 Award for Teaching – UBC Division of Rheumatology

Dr. Brent Ohata
2018 Award for Innovation – UBC Division of Rheumatology

Dr. Michelle Teo
2018 Award For Advocacy – UBC Division of Rheumatology

Dr. Robert Offer
UBC Wallace Wilson Award 2017